Being mum and my son’s care package manager: A delicate juggling act

Elijah and Kaddy

June 2017 saw Elijah spend another stint in Bristol Children’s Hospital. This time, he had three consecutive episodes of unconsciousness during the morning of Saturday 3rd June.  After the third episode, I called 111 and we were quickly taken to hospital by ambulance. For the previous three weeks, Elijah had… Continue reading

What are you staring at?

“It’s rude to stare.” I bet most children hear this at some point in their early years because, in most cultures, staring is seen as rude. To be on the receiving end can make you feel uncomfortable and exposed, so good manners dictate that we keep our glances short. Why… Continue reading

Acknowledging a disability – where do you stand?

In my experience, many people – those with disabilities and those without – are uncomfortable talking about disability. The language people use can be a significant barrier to effective communication. The idea of embracing or even just acknowledging a disability tends to split people into one of two camps. You… Continue reading

Accessing independent living equipment for children

Could your child benefit from equipment designed to help them live more independently? Has anyone talked you through the massive range of equipment available or how you can access it? Or do you feel like you’re completely in the dark? Perhaps you looked into independent living equipment a few years… Continue reading