Apert syndrome and Rare Disease Day 2017

Apert syndrome is a very rare condition and as we do every year, Elijah’s Hope is supporting Rare Disease Day. This year the theme is Research. You can read more about the theme on the official Rare Disease Day website Rare Disease Day takes place on the last day of February… Continue reading

A year in hospital: The journey to bring Elijah home

Elijah pictured with his tracheostomy

When Elijah was blue-lighted to Bristol Children’s Hospital on Monday 17th November 2014, I never imagined that he would still be an in-patient 12 months later. If I thought that November was a long month, 2015 felt at times, like a lifetime. It’s only now, almost a year on from… Continue reading

What are you staring at?

“It’s rude to stare.” I bet most children hear this at some point in their early years because, in most cultures, staring is seen as rude. To be on the receiving end can make you feel uncomfortable and exposed, so good manners dictate that we keep our glances short. Why… Continue reading