View the Apert webinar discussion on grief, loss & depression

This is the second of the webinar series held in partnership with RareConnect. This webinar looks at coping with grief, depression and anxiety - the last taboo.

The death of a child is just about the worst thing that can happen to a parent. When the child has lost their battle with a disability and you have been involved in 24/7 in their care before that, how do other people relate to you over the loss? Have you felt like you've been expected to have a time-limit on your grief? How do you carry on?

Our speakers, Tania Weissberg, Jeannie Ewing and Beth Coleman explore these issues in a frank and moving discussion. If you'd like to join RareConnect, click here for more information

Second Apert Webinar on RareConnect

Our online Apert community at RareConnect is hosting another Apert-focused webinar this weekend. It’s looking specifically at the issues of Grief Vs Depression and the perceived taboos and forbidden feelings felt in these situations. For all details of how to access, visit our RareConnect Apert Community Continue reading