Treating Apert

Children with Apert syndrome are destined to undergo many surgeries, some life-saving, others that are life-enhancing.

This second type of surgery aims to help improve the ability to function, such as the release of fused fingers and surgery that can create a more "regular" appearance. Surgery that is more for aesthetic reasons is always a difficult decision and one that is made by the family after careful consideration. This is because the child with Apert will already have undergone many vital operations at a very young age.

For medical professionals, a multidisciplinary approach to care is necessary, with life-long monitoring.

Treatment primarily involves craniosynostosis release, followed by surgical advancement or distraction for midface hypoplasia, and reparative or cosmetic treatment of other malformations. Successful treatment can improve aesthetics and functional performance (breathing, mastication, oral and ocular health).

In patients with mitten-glove syndactyly, surgical separation of the digits generally provides little functional improvement. The psychosocial aspects of the syndrome should also be taken into account.

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