People with complex needs don’t feel pain?

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“People with complex needs don’t feel pain?” A guest blog from former physiotherapist, Liz Goldsmith, of Postural Care Skills  on why gentle postural care should take into account pain prevention for every patient, whatever their disability. NICE Guideline on spasticity: evidence update 70 endorses the deliberate infliction of pain on… Continue reading

Second Apert Webinar on RareConnect

Our online Apert community at RareConnect is hosting another Apert-focused webinar this weekend. It’s looking specifically at the issues of Grief Vs Depression and the perceived taboos and forbidden feelings felt in these situations. For all details of how to access, visit our RareConnect Apert Community Continue reading

FREE Seminar: How parenting affects a child’s brain development

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FREE Seminar – Funded by CANparent How Parenting affects Children’s Brain Development  Two events – a morning workshop for parents and an afternoon seminar for professionals, Bristol. Date: 5th February 2015 1. Workshop for Parents: 0900 registration-11-30am 2. Seminar for Practitioners/Professionals: Time: 12.30 am (registration opens at 12.00) to 4.30 pm Location:… Continue reading

Download our full Postural Care conference brochure!


Elijah’s Hope is proud to announce the release of the official conference brochure for the Postural Care conference taking place this April. Places are being booked already so download the brochure and reserve your delegate space. Postural Care CIC and Elijah’s Hope are working in partnership to deliver this innovative, exciting… Continue reading

Leadership in postural care

The Postural Care site has interesting posts and perspectives on the subject of postural care. Here is a recent example: Thoughts on Postural Care Leadership by Ross Golightly BCU student nurse In tweeting with Sarah Clayton from Postural Care after this year’s positive choices conference I was delighted to get the… Continue reading

What every parent should know when giving birth to a child with Apert Syndrome

Here are a few tips that may help when your have a child with Apert from Tania Weissman. Make sure your child has been properly diagnosed, not only with Apert Syndrome but also with the variety of congenital malformations that can occur during gestation. Your baby will require follow up… Continue reading