What every parent should know when giving birth to a child with Apert Syndrome

Here are a few tips that may help when your have a child with Apert from Tania Weissman. Make sure your child has been properly diagnosed, not only with Apert Syndrome but also with the variety of congenital malformations that can occur during gestation. Your baby will require follow up… Continue reading

Acknowledging a disability – where do you stand?

In my experience, many people – those with disabilities and those without – are uncomfortable talking about disability. The language people use can be a significant barrier to effective communication. The idea of embracing or even just acknowledging a disability tends to split people into one of two camps. You… Continue reading

Accessing independent living equipment for children

Could your child benefit from equipment designed to help them live more independently? Has anyone talked you through the massive range of equipment available or how you can access it? Or do you feel like you’re completely in the dark? Perhaps you looked into independent living equipment a few years… Continue reading

Why Elijah’s Hope is raising awareness of Postural Care

If you received and read the first Elijah’s Hope newsletter back in May 2013, you’ll have seen that we’re keen to promote the importance of postural care and have launched the Positive Deviance (PD) Initiative to further this work. Why Postural Care Matters People with limited movement are most at risk of… Continue reading