Celebrating our 1st anniversary with exciting two-day workshop

Give voice to your deepest hopes and dreams with MiXiT!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”

On Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd April, inclusive theatre company, MiXiT, will be running an exciting two-day ‘Dreamer Workshop’, which will culminate in a live performance at the ‘It’s Showtime!’ party to celebrate Elijah’s Hope’s first anniversary on the evening of Thursday 23rd April.

The workshop is open to absolutely anyone and MiXiT would be thrilled if you would like to take part. You must be able to commit to both workshop days and the evening performance in order for everyone who takes part to be able to create something meaningful together. Spaces for the workshop are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


 Who are MiXiT?

Run by John and Lawraine Hails, MiXiT is an inclusive theatre company that offers weekday academies, weekend stage schools and one-off workshops for people with and without disabilities.

For the past 20 years, MiXiT has been using drama, music, art and other performance mediums to challenge the status quo and show some of the challenges that people with disabilities and their families face, as well as the potential solutions.

Through its workshops, MiXiT aims to “put the ‘human’ in human services”, encouraging service providers to recognise the people using their services as individuals with the right to full and complete lives, not just numbers; to see opportunities instead of problems, and to work in person-centred way.

What can you expect from the MiXiT workshop?

MiXiT calls this two-day event a ‘Dreamer Workshop’ as it’s all about the loves, hopes, aspirations and ideas you have for your life, as well as some of the challenges you may currently face in realising them.

Day One will begin with a fun, friendly and informal ‘Get to know you session’ where everyone who’ll be taking part in the two-day workshop and evening performance on Thursday 23rd April will have a chance to meet and begin to explore some of the big issues in their lives.

From this starting point, everyone involved in the workshop – a mixture of workshop attendees and MiXiT’s experienced company members – will explore how what you’ve discussed could be presented to an audience in an interesting and entertaining way. This will form the basis of the evening performance on Thursday 23rd April.

John Hails explains, “We often see some overlap in aspirations at this stage, so we’ll encourage the attendees to think about how the things they’ve talked about in the Dreamer Workshop might be communicated in a performance. People might want to perform a playlet, a musical drama, a piece of poetry – it’s entirely up to them; we’re open to different ideas of how to present these topics.”

If you have speech, language or communication needs, MiXiT can work with you and your carers/supporters, if you need their assistance, to explore other ways of expressing your personal aspirations and your ideas for the performance – this might mean using Powerpoint, displaying your artwork, using film or music. MiXiT will be led by you.

The workshop will also involve carers, supporters and family members who come along.

John Hails explains, “One thing we recognise is that people who live in systems often have trouble expressing their aspirations. We sometimes find that everything from the wildest flights of fancy to the ‘normal’ hopes for the future beneath them – whatever they may be – can get blocked, often unintentionally, by support workers.

“For example, one girl who came to a workshop expressed a deep desire to get married. Her support worker blocked from her voicing this hope again and again throughout the day. Our role was to give this girl the space to voice her opinions, and to encourage the support worker to really hear what the girl was saying and recognise her right to her own opinions about her life. This opened better communication that spun off into both of their everyday lives.”

Because of their extensive experience, the MiXiT company members are skilled at using different techniques to involve everybody in the workshop and performance. You may be someone who’s confident in a performance situation or you may feel completely stage shy – either way, it’s fine as anything goes at the workshop! 

The performance

Having agreed what you want to perform and how, you’ll spend the rest of Day One and all of Day Two rehearsing the performance. The MiXiT company members are there to act as a chorus and facilitators to the performance, but they strongly believe in you presenting your own aspirations.

As well as some individual and small group pieces, there’s usually a full group song and dance to learn too. This never fails to get everyone involved smiling, laughing and happy to take part.

After two days of fun, new friendships and some incredible team work, you will have a performance ready to present to a small audience on the evening of Thursday 23rd April.

This is a brilliant opportunity to make some new friends, explore your talents, express your hopes and aspirations, have fun and even show off a bit.

To book a place on this unmissable two-day workshop, please call Elijah’s Hope on 01275 269359. The workshop and performance will take place at the Hilton Bristol Hotel. Registration is at 9.30am for a 10am start and each workshop day will finish around 2.30pm-3pm, depending on energy levels! The performance will be on the evening of Thursday 23rd April (time to be confirmed).

We can’t wait to meet you!

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