Elijah’s First International Conference: The Living University of Postural Care 26th – 27th November 2015


Elijah's First International Conference: The Living University of Postural Care 26th & 27th November 2015

Making families equal partners in developing postural care services Listening to Families workshop - this gives you a flavour of what to expect:

The Listening to Families workshop will be co-run by Pauline Toohey and Eveline Waring.

Pauline and Eveline will explore key questions around postural care and how families can become fully integrated in the development of consistent postural care services.

  • How can postural care help families protect their children?
  • How can we encourage care professionals to see the person beyond their complex support needs?
  • Can families really help develop the services aimed at them?

Ultimately, the success of postural care or otherwise relies on families not only understanding the principles of biomechanics and the effects of positioning, but also on viewing them as equal partners and co-producers of life changing daily routines. As Pauline Toohey points out, “It would be a travesty if Postural Care evolved into another ‘to do’ rather than ‘do with’ therapy. The emphasis needs to be there for the onset”.

During the ‘Listening to Families’ workshop, Eveline and Pauline will share their personal stories about the importance of listening to families to improve professional postural care services. This will be an unmissable workshop for families and service providers involved in developing postural care support.

Introduction:- Simple Stuff Works and Elijah's Hope are working in partnership to deliver this innovative, exciting and ground-breaking event. Any person with a movement difficulty could benefit from person-centred postural care to protect and restore their body shape and yet provision varies greatly, both geographically and within services.

Simple Stuff Works and Elijah's Hope are passionate about making information as accessible as possible in order that people are well informed and able to commission the best possible care for those they love and support. This event will provide a platform for pioneering practitioners and expert families to share their experiences and the outcomes they achieve. Body shape distortion is an avoidable, costly and well recognised risk faced by people with movement difficulties.

If you share our passion and desire for change we hope very much to meet you at the event 26th & 27th November 2015.

Conference aims:

  • To celebrate the pioneering work of families and practitioners working in partnership to deliver person-centred postural care
  • To share best practice from the world's leading expert families, postural care practitioners and care providers
  • To learn from those delivering tangible, positive and repeatable outcomes
  • To raise awareness of the avoidable nature of body shape distortion for any person who experiences movement difficulties, including adults and those living with dementia
  • To encourage and support networking opportunities for all those with an interest in postural care
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