Leadership in postural care

The Postural Care site has interesting posts and perspectives on the subject of postural care. Here is a recent example:

Thoughts on Postural Care Leadership by Ross Golightly BCU student nurse

In tweeting with Sarah Clayton from Postural Care after this year’s positive choices conference I was delighted to get the opportunity to spend some time with the company. Sarah also encouraged me to write a blog on postural care so here I go.

Over the past few years I’ve had a number of informal awareness sessions on postural care, as well as a lecture at university on it and an exhibitors event where specialist equipment was on display. Since my very first training session four years ago before I began my learning disability nursing training I have been absolutely fascinated by the subject and what can be achieved (and what has been achieved) to help people with a body shape distortion.

Back in April, alongside Sarah and a number of my peers I was lucky enough to be invited to the unique headquarters of postural care for a days training in leadership.

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