Postural Care

Postural Care is very important when your have a complex case of Apert syndrome or indeed, any musculoskeletal difficulty.

Elijah, for example, relies on expert care for his posture to enable him to have any kind of quality of life. Below are some posts from this and other sites about postural care.

People with complex needs don’t feel pain?

postural care

“People with complex needs don’t feel pain?” A guest blog from former physiotherapist, Liz Goldsmith, of Postural Care Skills  on why gentle postural care should take into account pain prevention for every patient, whatever their disability. NICE Guideline on spasticity: evidence update 70 endorses the deliberate infliction of pain on… Continue reading

Leadership in postural care

The Postural Care site has interesting posts and perspectives on the subject of postural care. Here is a recent example: Thoughts on Postural Care Leadership by Ross Golightly BCU student nurse In tweeting with Sarah Clayton from Postural Care after this year’s positive choices conference I was delighted to get the… Continue reading